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Stables of Fieldcrest

Our Goals

At The Stables of Fieldcrest, our goals are to fulfill our mission in the Equine Industry.  We are striving to exceed the current standards of excellence. 

We are breeding the best mares with the best stallions to create the "designer genes" to produce  better offspring.  Remember dominate and recessive genes in Biology Class?  We are doing our homework to try to create the best foals for our clients.   We are breeding quality rather than quantity.  The idea of producing a lot of foals and hoping to get one or two good ones is not on our agenda.

We provide the utmost care by providing the very best nutrition for all of our horses.  Vaccinations and worming are always up to date.   Stall and farm cleanliness, and the " top of the line" in VeterinaryCare, create conditions to keep all of our horses healthy and happy.

Our foals are imprinted at birth, and at their mother's side for a minimum of five to six months before weaning.   We find that the good lessons they learn at their mothers side  are far easier to reinforce later on. Then, confident and competent individuals work one on one with each foal to introduce them to all the new lessons  they have to learn.  When you purchase a young horse from The Stables of Fieldcrest, you can be sure that we have worked with it in lessons appropriate for the age of the horse.   We are very proud  of all of our young horses. 

Come and see for yourself!

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